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The Downtown Independent Democrats is having its third in a series of interviews with candidates for upcoming elections.

SAL ALBANESE - Mayoral Candidate
JOHN LIU - Mayoral Candidate
JULIE MENIN - Manhattan Borough President Candidate
COREY JOHNSON - City Council District 3 Candidate YETTA KURLAND - City Council District 3 Candidate

DATE: Wednesday March 13, 2013
TIME: 6:00 promptly to 8:00 PM
LOCATION: 310 Greenwich St., Independence Plaza, 2nd flr Community Room (end of Duane St., entrance inset across from Washington Market Park fence)

For updates on the meeting, visit Downtown Independent Democrats on Facebook. (Note - April meeting will be in SoHo, date to be announced.)

Jobs for People Who Can Help with Clean-up

Governor Cuomo announced over $27 Million was allocated in federal grants to hire workers to clean up communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy. This grant is provided to New Yorkers who lost employment due to Hurricane Sandy or are unemployed and not receiving unemployment benefits.

Workers interested in this program should call 1-888-4-NYSDOL (1-888-469-7365). The New York State Department of Labor will work with local officials to recruit and hire workers.

Temporary work for those out of work due to Hurricane Sandy sign up form:https://labor.ny.gov/secure/neg/2012-hurricane-sandy-form.asp

Letter to Tenants, Nov 7, 2012

This has been a difficult time for IPNers. A week of no electricity, heat, hot water can be trying for anyone. I suppose we are fortunate considering what happened in Staten Island, parts of the Lower East Side, the Rockaways, parts of Long Island, New Jersey, etc. Having been in the Rockaways right after the hurricane to help a friend in need, I can tell you that it's pretty devastating in these areas. In any case, we spoke to management yesterday about heating problems and hope most of them have been remedied. Certainly let us know if you still have a lack of heat.

There are two important messages we'd like to get out. One is quite stunning.

On October 30th, an email was sent out to tell us that the Court of Appeals in Albany denied our request for appeal. Most of the board members did not see that email until after our electricity went back on - sometime on Sunday; many of us did not have phone service or internet and some still do not.  I am as stunned as anyone else. We are meeting with Seth Miller on Friday to discuss the situation. It boggles my mind how it could be possible. Especially since a few weeks ago, London Terrace in Manhattan, though not a former Mitchell Lama, was told they won their appeal in their J-51 case stating a landlord could not undo his obligations regarding J-51 in the Appellate Division - same court that told us the landlord won his appeal; different judges. We sent a copy of that decision to the Court of Appeals to further strengthen our request for appeal. I'm not sure if they saw it before making this decision.

We have worked long and hard on this situation. At the time we discovered we had a J-51, we presented the facts to the tenants and they were totally in favor of us fighting for our rights.

It made sense. It was the law and we should have been rent stabilized. With the majority of tenants wanting to fight, we did our best; Seth Miller has always been one of the most informed attorneys on this subject. in fact, others did not even know what we were talking about while we were shopping attorney's way back when we started. 

The outcome of today’s election will also show what kind of State Senate will exist in Albany. This is always important to IPN tenants as well as any middle income tenants around New York City.

Don't panic. The fact is that the underlying negotiated deal protects the original IPN tenants and with the exception of the bump up of 3 percent to rent for the next 3 years, then going back down to 1 percent, we are still protected as LAP or Voucher tenants. That has nothing to do with the J-51 legal issue.

Please help your neighbors who are confused understand this. Some people thought if we lost the J-51 their rents would skyrocket. That is not true. The negotiated deal, struck while Neil Fabricant was our President, is the foundation of our rental rates here. We were told by many other former Mitchell Lamas that this deal is still the model deal at this time. Nothing is perfect, but this was a great one. It does not protect the newer tenants, who came after this deal was struck. These are the folks who were plaintiffs in the J-51 case. They moved in not ever being Mitchell Lama residents and didn't know what the future here would hold. That is a sad situation because they represented all of us in the case. Again, we will meet with Seth Miller to discuss any possible options or next steps.

If you are like me, you feel this is not fair... strange... and confusing. IPN should be rent stabilized! We will give a fuller report after we meet with Seth on Friday. So sorry to share such disappointing news. 

If you have specific questions that you would like answered, please email us at INFO@IPNTA.ORG and we will collect and then email blast the answers. We hope to also have a newsletter out to share with other tenants who are not registered to receive email updates.

The second subject may seem less important, but we were advised in order to prevent any further power outages from the incoming storm on Wednesday, we must each do our part to 
conserve energy. That means - turn all electronic devices that are not being used, OFF and do your best to use less of them. Don't need TV, Computer and ceiling fans all on at the same time.
This warning is for the entire downtown area that lost electricity during the Hurricane. It's a delicate situation and there is anticipated possible tide surges and heavy winds that could knock trees down, cutting wires. 

Diane Lapson, President
On behalf of the IPNTA Executive Board

Press Conference and Rally!
Thursday, Aug 16, 2012 - 11:30AM

Outside Independence Plaza North, Greenwich & Duane Streets, Manhattan (near entrance to 310 Greenwich)

Come join our elected officials who are holding a press conference to explain their support for IPN in its request for an appeal to the Court of Appeals in our J-51 case.

This decision must -- and can -- be reversed!

We need all of you who can attend to be there.

Press Conference Sponsored by:

  • Congressman Jerrold Nadler
  • Borough President Scott Stringer
  • State Senator Daniel Squadron
  • City Councilmember Margaret Chin
  • Assemblymember Deborah Glick
  • CB1 Chair and former Chair

This decision could affect everyone living at IPN. Yes -- Even you! We look forward to seeing you. --IPNTA Executive Board Independence Plaza North Tenants Association

Letter From HCR (DHCR) Updated Feb 1, 2012

Did you receive a letter from DHCR about a rent increase?
Come to a meeting

Thurs, Feb 9, 7:00 PM 310 Greenwich St
2nd floor community room
You do not need to read this notice.
Did you send an email to info@IPNTA.ORG about your letter?
Come to a meeting

Thurs, Feb 9, 7:00 PM
310 Greenwich St
2nd floor community room
Send email today to info@ipnta.org  

Tell us you got the notice; include your name, address, phone number, and whether you are LAP, Voucher or Free Market

Don't have email?
Drop a note in IPNTA lobby box with your name, address, phone number, and whether you are LAP, Voucher or Free Market
Did you respond to DHCR?
Come to a meeting

Thurs, Feb 9, 7:00 PM 310 Greenwich St 2nd floor community room
Sign and return the page 2 of the notice to the DHCR MCI Unit (address on top of form).

Write on the form: “I hereby request an extension of 30 days. The tenants of the development are in the process of signing authorization forms, obtaining a copy of the application and retaining counsel.”

Remember to keep a copy for yourself.

Come to a meeting
Thurs, Feb 9, 7:00 PM
310 Greenwich St
2nd floor community room

Update from John Scott, District Leader

One of my first jobs as District leader was playing an active role in selecting judges for the New York Supreme Court and I participated in appointing two Judges to run as Democrats in the fall election. I look for fairness in selecting Judges and of course that they demonstrate that they understand the law.

  Traffic Light
In an important development this month the DOT has finally heeded the community's demand to install a full traffic signal on Duane and Greenwich St. This is an issue that the IPNTA and Diane Lapson, Washington Market Park Board and Harriett Grimm worked hard to accomplish. Harriett was involved in producing a video which highlighted the need for a traffic light on that corner. I was also involved and spoke in the video. The following is a link:
Traffic Light Video

I would like to thank our elected officials , Scott M. Stringer Manhattan Borough President and Councilmember Margaret Chin and as well as Julie Menin, the Chair of Community Board 1, who helped us to put pressure on DOT.

  Buddy System
The IPNTA wants to create a buddy system for our Senior citizens at IPN. When the Mayor sent out an evacuation order for lower Manhattan regarding the storm, the IPNTA realized that we do not have the names of all our seniors nor a plan to look after them. What we would like to do is match up seniors with neighbors on their floor where they'd be looked after and/or checked on in case of emergency. If you can help with this, please send me your contact information

  9/11 Memorial Visits for Neighborhood Residents
The 9/11 Memorial has reserved times to see the memorial of 9/11, for visitors who live Downtown, on the first Sunday of the month: Dec 4, and Jan 8 -- between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. (8 p.m. close).

The community passes can be reserved by residents in-person at the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site, 20 Vesey St., during regular operating hours (Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m.-7 p.m. and Sunday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.). Residents must present a valid photo ID proving their residence. For more information, go to http://www.911memorial.org/community-evenings-911-memorial

If your neighbors do not use email, will you please help them by emailing me their information and requests? Thank you.

-- John Scott, Democratic District Leader, JScott2709@aol.com

Firehouses Saved!

Thanks to the efforts of many residents and our elected officials, Ladder 8 ("Ghostbusters") fire station and all other 19 stations will not be closed, per Mayor Bloomberg on Saturday morning.

It is always important for our voices to be heard. Without them, decisions are made  and simply carried out. Independence Plaza tenants have a reputation for responding.

That's why our officials pay good attention to our needs. Thanks to all of you who  signed the petitions, called 311, came to the 2 rallies and stood by in support of this  and the many issues we continue to fight for.


Want Rent Stabilization To Survive Beyond June 15th?

Please sign this petition to Preserve Rent Stabilization and Tenants Rights and pass it on. Thanks. http://assembly.state.ny.us/Rent/Sign/

Contact Governor Cuomo and ask him to strengthen rent regulations without harming the Roberts decision.
Governor’s Midtown office (212) 681-4580
Governor's Albany office (518) 474-8390
Governor's Fax (518) 486-9749

Voucher Recertification

March 29, 2011 -- Please be advised that HPD was NOT coming to IPN this year—HOWEVER  we are pleased to announce THAT we have arranged the following options for turning in your voucher recertification papers, INCLUDING A DAY AT IPN for seniors & disabled to turn in their papers. Click here for complete details or download PDF Flyer.


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