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News on the Supermarket

Dear IP Tenants:

Please read the Tribeca Trib article for update on Food Emporium space. Until it happens, we are hopefully optimistic. In the meantime, while the supermarket space is empty, you can order online from Peapod.com; FreshDirect.com; Another store also provides online ordering: Morton Williams Supermarket.

We know having a real store is most important and after speaking with management, are hopeful. Our management company said they are all in favor of a new store opening in that space; receive many confidential letters that they cannot discuss legally; however, the rumor that Vornado does not want a supermarket in that space does not seem to be accurate.

This is really an issue with A&P and hopefully Best Yet will be allowed to purchase the lease and we will be able to have a working supermarket soon.

Rent Regulation Laws - June 2015

Dear IPN Residents:

The courts have ruled that despite Stellar's J-51, IPN isn't rent stabilized. Nevertheless, under the deal negotiated with them, the LAP tenants' rent mimics rent stabilization, whose renewal we, of course, support -- the end of which, would affect our increases.

In the event rent stabilization was ended (which we doubt), our deal explains how they would estimate future increases. LAP tenants SHOULD support Rent Guidelines Board hearings; and support our official’s work on our behalf by writing/attending demonstrations, etc.

The future of affordable housing affects all of us. In the meantime, please see announcements below from Gale Brewer and Margaret Chin, and information from Letitia James. --IPNTA Executive Board

See the Rent Regulations page:

Attention LAP tenants! Management Targeting LAP Tenants with 2nd Address!

Stellar Management has been targeting tenants who may have a 2nd residence; weekend home; are named on parent’s home; etc.

They are looking for those tenants whose cars are registered in another state; who have phones listed elsewhere — anything showing you have another location. THEY WOULD LIKE TO PROVE THAT YOU DO NOT LIVE IN IPN AS YOUR PRIMARY RESIDENCE.

They have sent 10 day notices to vacate to at least five tenant families we know of so far. We have written to our elected officials to enlist their help in what seems to be a plan to target LAP tenants. We have also written to Stellar Management’s main office - where these 10 day notices are obviously being generated.

If you live at IPN as your primary resident - ask us for assistance or to discuss. If you do not live here as your primary residence, then we cannot get involved. You may contact the IPNTA via email: Info@IPNTA.ORG

If you hear from Management with their horrible way of communicating - a ten day notice - You very well may need an attorney.

We have some suggestions, but if you know a good tenant attorney, by all means - contact him or her if you get the notice and let us know what happened; and which lawyer you are using. We have registered our complaint about management using this way of communicating with tenants. It’s as if tenants are guilty without having a chance to prove otherwise.

We have tenants who have already won this battle - but it seems Stellar is really trying to shake people up.

Don’t do it alone. Contact us.

Oh, and please Join the Tenant Association so we can continue fighting for you.

No dues - no membership - we cannot represent you. It’s really that simple. IPNTA Membership Form


Our tenant association works with HAAD to end downsizing. Diane Lapson and Rosemarie Reed (IPN tenants) are both on the board of directors of HAAD.

Here’s one accomplishment that affects many of our IPN tenants.

New York City Housing Dept. Eases Rule Forcing Low-Income Tenants to Downsize, NY Times, Dec 4, 2014

We are still fighting to end the downsizing of more than 1 person into smaller apartments. We are happy about this success and will keep you posted.
- Diane Lapson, President, IPNTA

H.A.A.D. Housing Alliance Against Downsizing

It is almost one year since HPD instituted downsizing and sadly all efforts to have a moratorium until alternate cost-saving measures can be explored have not gotten a response from neither Mayor de Blasio nor HPD Commissioner Vicki Been. Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer wote a letter to Commissioner Been as a direct result of Been's testimony before the City Council Housing Committee April 9, 2014 Hearing. 17 of Manhattan's Federal, State and City elected officials signed on to that letter.

Downsizing affects NYCHA and former Mitchell Lama tenants in all 5 NYC boroughs, albeit in different ways. NYCHA does not have 0-bedroom apartments.

[Full story is on the Archive page.]

Other News

Rodent Academy

Download the flyer, "Rat Prevention for Your Property"

Provided by Guest Speaker Caroline Bragdon, MPH, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, who spoke at IPN, as part of the Community Board 1 Quality of Life Committee meeting on April 17, 2014.

World Trade Center Health Program Information

October 3rd 2013 Deadline for the Victims Compensation Fund has passed.

However, the World Trade Center Health Program is still available -- this is separate from the VCF.

See our web page, World Trade Center Health Programs, for a list of links and applications.

Our thanks to 911 Environmental Action and WTC Health Outreach, who provided very helpful information at our meeting on Sept 19th 2013.

Previously posted information about J-51 is now on the J-51 page. IPNTA Statement about our J-51 Lawsuit is on the J-51 page. Also see In The Press.

Other relevant reading...

Mitchell-Lama Residents Coalition has good articles about affordable housing in general and former Mitchell-Lama complexes, including IPN.

Links to Court Case:

"Best Doorman in New York"
Onnie Rose, 310 Greenwich's well-loved doorman, was featured in Daily News Best Doorman in New York article. Congratulations, Onnie!
NY Daily News, November 27, 2011

Previous Stories -- see IPNTA Newsletters or Archive

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